That Seaworld Song The Child (Inside).

Seaworld Song The Child Inside - Picture of South African Bushman Koi San warrior

About the Song

“The Child Inside” was released at the end of 1996 worldwide on the Arista label and went to the top of the Billboard dance charts and South African charts, and reached 69 on the Billboard hot 100.

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A bit of a back story… The song was used in SeaWorld without our permission. Whilst we are extremely grateful for the fact that more people were exposed to our music via the SeaWorld ad and performances, we are not supporters of animals in captivity – especially if they are made to perform.

We therefore thought we would use the opportunity to support something we do actually approve of, and which is intrinsically related to the song, and that is the Khoisan (otherwise known as Bushmen) and their culture.

In case you didn’t know, the sample used in the intro to the Seaworld Song The Child Inside is that of a Khoisan singer. So we were on the lookout for an organisation to support and a percentage of income from the child will be donated to them.

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