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Levannah Vocalist and Lyricist for Qkumba Zoo.

It has been said that all work has dignity.

No work is beneath you, but if you find yourself doing that which another may do as well, and it is keeping you from that which you are best equipped to do, then you are probably wasting your time.

This is true, and worthy of contemplation. And, once this has been understood and embodied, then something more needs to be said.

Ultimately what every human being is best equipped to do, is love. All work can be made into an expression of love. Therefore all work is equally appropriate expression of what I am best equipped to do. This is what Jesus was ‘saying’ when he washed the disciple’s feet. These day’s he’d have done the dishes, cleaned the baby’s bum, and swept the streets. It is important to let my action embody this truth.

And, once this has been understood, there is yet another thing to say. Sometimes the best expression of love is to allow someone else to do the work that they are capable of, rather than taking it from them. They too are on their journey to discover their own worth, ability, capacity, and place in the whole.

Accept the cup of tea, the cleaned floor, the folded newspaper, the baked loaf, and the oiled train, with love and gratitude that blesses the worker. Allow it all to support me in doing that which I am best equipped to do in the way that I am best equipped to do it. Then allow my own work to be received with gratitude, and be blessed in my turn.

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