Life’s a Spark – Radio Mix

Life’s a Spark – Radio Mix

Life's a Spark - Radio Mix album cover

About the Song

More change, more challenge, more stress, more awareness of our frailty. Also more truth, more focus on priorities. What is life for? What do we choose to do with our precious time?

“Life’s a Spark” was initially conceived during the first wave of Covid lock-down, then marinated in everything else that has occured since. We all know, but too often forget that life is a spark, and it can dance. This version (Radio Mix) is a punchier, more focused mix of the original. 

Here are links for the new release, which includes “Life’s a Spark (Radio Mix)” and a collaboration with Quintin Shaz called “Sweeter and Deeper”.

Listen to the mix

Hang out / ama sessions

Owl and Levannah hung out online with some of our Qkumba Zoo friends from around the world to talk about… well, whatever was of interest to them. This included questions around our look, what inspired us, the dance that was created for the “Child (Inside)” in the Philippines, and a really cool conversation with Quintin, who collaborated with Qkumba Zoo on the second track in the EP, “Sweeter and Deeper”. Worth watching for any Qkumba Zoo fan. Click the session links below to view/listen.

Session 1 U.S.A. 

Session 2: Europe / SA / Asia 

Reels / TikTok

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