Qkumba Zoo's Patreon Account.

Hey all. Hope you are well on this weekend wherever you are in the world. For those who have watched the video from Wednesday’s livestream you will know that we have set up a Patreon page which will be a place for us to interact more closely with you, should you wish to join us there.

We, as a band, are looking for ways to be able spend more time on Qkumba Zoo, which our Patreon page will greatly assist with.

We are very open to you guys helping us to steer it in the direction you want it to go, but in the meantime our plans are to post pre-releases, music that hasn’t yet found a place on any of our current releases, photos from our career, back stage videos, Levannah’s musings, poetry, getting your guys feedback etc.

We start out this month by uploading a song called “Sandman”, which we finished somewhere around 2004. It is dance song sprinkled with a generous dust of lyricism.

We will also start posting some cool pics. I also want to draw your attention to a special tier wherein Levannah gets to create a personal song for you, similar to how we used to when we played live. Check out our patreon page for more details… would love to see you there!
Check out our page here…

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