Where Did The Name “QKumba Zoo” Come From?

Well… I had to ask Levannah to remind me. And the story goes thus. A friend of ours, Janet Foley, was visiting for dinner and her and Levannah were cooking in the kitchen. I think they were discussing the idea of what band name we should choose (we had broken up our old band and were already making our first demos for the new band) when Janet popped out the name: Cucumber Zoo. Levannah told me after, and I am not sure if I was keen on the idea initially but warmed up to it after a time, especially when we changed the spelling to Qkumba. Then I was like, yeah thats pretty cool. That would have been in about ’94.

There is a longer explanation of much more mythic proportions that Levannah used to talk about floating around on the web, involving butterflies, vegetarianism, fairies and such, if you would like the “interesting” version, lol. But the above is the prosaic account.

We have tried different spellings to reflect changes in our circumstances: Qcumba Zoo (first iteration, before Qkumba Zoo) and QZoo, but we came back to Qkumba Zoo as, really that is, you know, the name.


  1. MikeTyton

    I always wondered about the bands name 🙂

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