Spam user / legit user mix up

Hi all

I recently cleaned up and updated our web page, including getting rid of the more than 3000 spam user registrations. In so doing I inadvertently deleted legitimate users who have registered on this site. First up, my sincerest apologies for the mix up, I obviously did not correctly use the plugin I was using to do the cleanup. Secondly, therefore please be so kind as to re-register if you would like to comment / ask questions.



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  1. Owl

    Hi Ulanda

    Thanks for your query. Which albums, in particular, would you be interested in? For instance, we have albums online at the moment…

  2. ulanda


    Do you possibly know where I can still get my hands on your CDs
    My boyfriend mentions weekly how he misses his and I was hoping I could get a set for his birthday.


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