Qkumba Zoo releases new single and EP Butterflies (Out of Time)

Qkumba Zoo releases new single and EP Butterflies (Out of Time)

“Butterflies (Out of Time)” is available here: Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Bandcamp.

Qkumba Zoo have surfaced from hibernation to release their first new songs in over 15 years. Best known for the 1996 hit “The Child (Inside)” – which reached number one on the Billboard dance charts in 1996 and later became known as “that Sea World song” in the early 2000’s – they decided that it’s time to stretch their wings again.

Speaking of stretching wings it is apt that the title of the new single is “Butterflies (Out of Time)”. The song is a punchy reminder that life is short, and mashes together dance, acoustic rock, African hi-life plus a touch of classical, providing a bed for Levannah’s inspired lyrics and floating vocals. Included in the EP is “Flicker”, a reply to the opening track that love echoes on when the dance of life is done; and a remix of “Butterflies (Out of Time)” by Defective Sounds of London.

As a band Qkumba Zoo has always been a fan of others putting a twist on their original tracks – note that the Junior Vasquez remix on “The Child (Inside)” helped it reached the number one spot on the dance charts – and so we are super amped to have a deep trancey spin on “Butterflies (Out of Time)” by Defective Sounds of London.

We trust you will enjoy and share it.

Defective Sounds of London (DSOL) is an electronic project from musician and visual artist Michel Moalem. With an Israeli, French and Moroccan musical backgrounds and deep in the current London electronic vibe he has been producing music and film for the last 20 years. Working under several and very different projects like Beat Driven Insomnia and Hard N Low his output spans musical genres regardless of their definitions or expectations. One can hear the multi-cultural blend of beats and melodies in his style, a sound that attracted Qkumba Zoo to work with him.

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