New Q&A page added

We understand that there might be questions you have for the band so we have added a new Q&A page…

We promise to ease out of lazy musician mode every so often and provide answers where we can :). First question: “Where does the name come from?” already posted

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  1. Owl

    Hi Robert

    Thanks for your question. I trust that you will understand that as Levannah is leading a quiet family life at the moment you will understand that I won’t share that information. I absolutely understand that it would mean a lot for you to know, and zero disrespect is intended in her decision, but ask that you understand that she has asked for me to keep her personal information private. Feel free to engage with us here, and if I can coax her to answering any specific questions I will.

    Thanks Robert



  2. Robert Koch

    Hello! Please tell me Levannah’s full name. I would appreciate knowing this!

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