New album is out!

The new, much anticipated album by Qkumba Zoo, Letthelightin has been released and is available from the Souvenir Records website.

To sample the songs please click here.

The band is greatful for the support of our fans, who have remained loyal over the years and we hope that the release of Letthelightin brings as much joy and meaning as our earlier releases. Feel free to spread the word 🙂

Qkumba Zoo is a platinum, chart-topping group from Johannesburg, South Africa. The electro pop duo is Levannah (vocals) and studio whiz, multi-instrumentalist, composer Owl. A pulsating pop-rock that combines native African song forms like juju and high life with an intense synth-beats that recalls such British new wavers as New Order, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys while Levannah’s impassioned, heartfelt vocals evoke divas from Donna Summer to Annie Lennox and Deborah Harry.

Their most popular song became “The Child (Inside)”, which hit #1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1996. (In later years, it’s best remembered for appearing in Seaworld TV commercials.)

In 2000, Qkumba Zoo a second album under the name QZoo, called “Butterfly Peepl” in very limited release. A breathtaking musical journey “into the butterflies that we are becoming in spite of all our caterpillar dreaming.” Towards the close of the decade in 2009 they returned with the e.p. “N3X+” and were now ready for more.

Fast forward to 2011 and Qkumba Zoo are back with “Letthelightin” which will have the tracks from the “N3xt”e.p. plus most of the tracks from “Butterfly Peepl” remastered, sounding better than ever.

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  1. admin

    Hi Christopher

    Thanks for the kind words. And I hope you will enjoy the album for a long time! 🙂



  2. Christopher Burns

    I just received a copy of “Letthelightin” for Christmas. I love it! Well done, Qkumba Zoo!! Keep the music coming. Your sound is like water to the thirsty.

  3. Jodonske

    Hi Mark , I’m typing this from Australia. I need to here these tkracs asap. Amazon have only made them available to the states. Any chance of uploading them somewhere or sending to my account? Cheers.\

  4. Owl

    Hi Daniel

    Thanks for the positive review. Unfortunately some tracks had to be left out because of the addition of the later tracks, Slap Bang being one of them. Glad you can hear the improvement of tonal quality resulting from the re-master, we put quite a bit effort into that 🙂

  5. danielc

    I finally got my copy of “letthelightin” in the mail yesterday from Souvenir Records, but didn’t get a chance to hear it until today. The remastering of some of the older tracks is a noticeable improvement. However I wish they’d added “Slap Bang” to the album. Overall, superb album! I hope it gets the promotion and sales it deserves! Now, how about a tour of the United States?

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