(January 2016)

Cognitive dissonance is a corner-painting bitch.

(December 2015)

It’s a myth that women mostly dress for men. Mostly, women dress to express themselves, and to engineer their own morale and self esteem. It can also be a way to communicate with other women. Women dress for men when their livelihood’s at stake. If a woman dresses for you on any but the most exceptional occasions, take a long hard look at how you treat her.

(January 2012)

“Famous I don’t know about. It’s hard to be famous and alive. I just want to play music every day and hear someone say, ‘Thanks, that was great, here’s some money, same time tomorrow, okay?’ ”

Terry Pratchett, Soul Music, page 151

(January 2012)

worldschooling – one word. Live it. Or at least google it ; )

(October 2011)

It has been said that all work has dignity, no work is beneath you, but if you find yourself doing that which another may do as well, and it is keeping you from that which you are best equipped to do, then you are probably wasting your time.

This is true, and worthy of contemplation. And, once this has been understood and embodied, then something more needs to be said.

Ultimately what every human being is best equipped to do, is love. All work can be made into an expression of love. Therefore all work is equally appropriate expression of what I am best equipped to do. This is what Jesus was ‘saying’ when he washed the disciple’s feet. These day’s he’d have done the dishes, cleaned the baby’s bum, and swept the streets. It is important to let my action embody this truth.

And, once this has been understood, there is yet another thing to say. Sometimes the best expression of love is to allow someone else to do the work that they are capable of, rather than taking it from them. They too are on their journey to discover their own worth, ability, capacity, and place in the whole.

Accept the cup of tea, the cleaned floor, the folded newspaper, the baked loaf, and the oiled train, with love and gratitude that blesses the worker. Allow it all to support me in doing that which I am best equipped to do in the way that I am best equipped to do it. Then allow my own work to be received with gratitude, and be blessed in my turn.

(May 2011)

on Certainty and Insight:

“Certainty is a universal disease that afflicts all human beings to various degrees, depending on how diligent we are with our intrapsychic hygiene. Among its worst symptoms is the belief that we know what ‘should’ be done by, and/or to, other people.

Certainty has the capacity to hijack the otherwise benign human process called ‘Insight’.

When Certainty hijacks Insight that’s when we can do astonishing things such as see the footprint of an elephant and therebey ‘know’ that it has large feathery wings, or see the distress-behaviour of another being and know that it is ‘bad’ and ‘should’ be corrected/controlled/punished.

There is no permanent cure for the disease called Certainty. One form of effective management is a daily practice of facing and accepting our personal fears. It seems that Certainty can only get a foothold when there is a certain level of build-up of denied and repressed fear.

When Certainty is effectively managed over the long term, the resulting condition of profound health is called Humility. Humility is a great positive enabler of Insight.

People currently afflicted by Certainty can usually not recognise the value of Humility, due to the hijack of Insight. To people in a state of Certainty, Humility is frightening, and they tend to judge and attack people who are in a state of Humility.

People currently in a state of Humilty, due to the enablement of Insight, are able to see the pain involved in the disease of Certainty. They therefore feel compassion for the afflicted, and are patient and kind towards them even when it is necessary to be firm with them.

It is very important to the wellbeing of our world that people who are in a state of Certainty are not given power to control what is done to and by other people. Of this I am Certain ; )

on Abortion:

“I do feel that abortion is the ending of a life, rather than just a medical event. And, I am totally pro free, safe abortion for anyone who asks.

I would like to ask all “pro-lifers” to fill in a simple questionnaire. I would ask them:

1) How many ‘unwanted’ children have you adopted?
2) How many children have you fostered?
3) How many single teenage mothers who are not blood relatives have you taken into your home for a full year or more?
4) How many hours per week do you spend volunteering at a facility for abused/abandoned children?
5) What percentage of your annual income do you routinely donate to facilities for abused/abandoned children?

Unless they can answer at least “one” (or more) to at least one (or more) of these five questions, as far as I am concerned they are not actually ‘pro-life’ but merely pro their own self-righteousness, and would be doing the world a great favour if they just went home and picked their noses instead.”

on Education:

“Western-style Education has brought many blessings to many people. There are countless children, now adults, whose lives are richer for it. There are countless teachers who have brought their love and passion into the classroom and by doing so made the world a better place. There are many happy classrooms, there are kids who love to be there, and teachers who love to be there, too.

And, having acknowledged that, I nonetheless believe that in a few generations time, compulsory Education as practiced for these few hundred years, will be considered one of the greatest human rights atrocities ever perpetrated.”

on Technology:

“One day we will finally perfect seamless-interface organic quantum computing. And on that day we will slap our foreheads as we realise that the trees were right in front of us all along…”