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Hello all. Use the “comments” button on this post if you’d like to leave us comments / ask questions. We will answer them in the Blog. Thanks

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  1. Coenraad

    How do I get in contact to book you?? 0728514882

  2. important source

    I’ll definitely be back to read more.

  3. admin

    Hi Daniel

    Thanks for chasing up with us :). The good news is that the CD’s have been manufactured and are with the record label in the States. So distribution in the US will commence in July. I dont have exact dates yet, but will post them up on this site as soon as I know.



  4. danielc

    Guys, June is almost over (today is the 29th) and still no new CD launch from Souvenir Records. What’s going on?

  5. Nina

    From reading your other answers to some questions, I know you’re releasing an album this month (which I’m SUPER excited about!!!), but I was wondering after you release the album, will you be doing any live shows/concerts? If yes, will you be doing any in New Jersey, where the recording company that’s releasing your album is based?

    By the way, I’m glad you guys are releasing some new material, because I started listening to your music about a year ago and loved all of your other songs.

    And I know this may seem like a dumb question, but how exactly do you pronounce Qkumba Zoo and both of your names? I’m just curious, and I wanted to make sure I’m saying them right.

    Anyways, thank you for reading my many questions and answering them in advance. (: And please keep updating your website, so fans like me can keep up to date and good luck with your new album, I’ll definitely buy it.

  6. admin

    Hi Rebecca

    Thanks for your interest shown. Levannah will be getting hold of you to chat about it.



  7. RebeccaD

    P.S. You can contact me at agents@heritageagency.co.za

  8. RebeccaD

    Hi there, could you possibly supply me with an email address to contact Levannah? She has been identified as an ‘Icon’ for an exhibition at the Klerksdorp Museum, and we need some info from her!
    Many thanks

  9. electrat

    Hello, I was wondering if you all are still working on the status for Butterfly Peepl to be downloaded and sold. I’d love to hear the music!


  10. admin


    The Child Inside used to be available on iTunes, although I see that that is no longer the case…. hmmmm. Let me get back to you on that

  11. solo

    It is obvious that your group is very spiritual. I am too. The “Child Inside” video is just so creative and visceral. Watching it gives me such an uninhibited feeling, it truly does help me to connect to my inner child.

    I wish to purchase the Child inside MP3 and want to ensure that I do so through proper and legal channels. I live in the USA. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

    Light and love to the band!



  12. admin

    Hi, thanks for the request. Will email you.


  13. umvemve

    Hi there, I work for a UK charity and wanted to ask you about using the child inside song?


  14. Dreams


    Not sure where you’re located, but copies of WU&D are all over Amazon and eBay, for starters:



    Some people still have new copies available, if you’re willing to pay a bit more.

  15. Riddler

    I am in NEED of a copy of the “wake Up & Dream” CD, any ideas on here I could find one – New wold be a bonus!! haha

    here is wishig you guys would make a comeback!!! SOON.

  16. jaygazer

    Hey QZoo! Where, and HOW can I purchase Butterfly People? I have been chasing this album for 10 years!

    Maybe toss me an email if possible? Thank you so much.

  17. admin

    Yep, about as official as it gets.

    What, you mean wordpress isn’t naturally poetic. I’ll have to inform the geeks…



  18. Dreams

    Is this the new official QZoo site? 😀 In that case, I’m looking forward to an entry a little more sparkling than welcoming me to WordPress.

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