Qkumba Zoo’s Patreon Account

Qkumba Zoo’s Patreon Account Hey all. Hope you are well on this weekend wherever you are in the world. For those who have watched the video from Wednesday’s livestream you will know that we have set up a Patreon page … Read More

Unicorns by Qkumba Zoo

Unicorns by Qkumba Zoo There is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity, a wild woodland being, a symbol of purity and grace, magic and innocence… in these times we consider them either extinct, or just a fable… … Read More

Harbour Song New Release 2021

Harbour Song New Release 2021 Hi all. We are really pleased to share Harbour Song with you! While we are at it, Qkumba Zoo would like to thank 2 special people who helped make this release a reality: Marq Vas, … Read More

Life is a spark new song 2020

Life is a Spark New Song 2020 Lifes A Spark (And It Should Dance)! – the production mix. Qkumba Zoo has a new song. Recorded during Covid 19 lockdown this version was produced as a sign of the times with … Read More

Butterfly Peepl Playlist

I like music. You guys like music. Of that I am sure, So I thought of something fun to do. Twice a month I will be sharing a Spotify playlist based on a Qkumba Zoo song. I start with the QZ song and then build a mix with music… Read More

Remix Torn Between You and the Sky

Remix Torn Between You and the Sky Hi all. By now you would all have figured out that social media communication is my kryptonite! So just wanted to catch up and say a belated happy new year – hope you … Read More